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The most problematic aspect of it is that it often goes undiagnosed until the depression settles in. In these circumstances, what women need is unconditional support. This happens even with second or third-time mothers, indicating that this state has an accentuated level of unpredictability.

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Postpartum depression goes as far as to endanger the physical integrity of both the mother and the child. The consequences can be drastic, so this is an issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. The road to recovery is a deeply personal journey. And although there is no well-established or miracle recipe, you can still cope with this kind of depression if you follow these steps:.

The thing with this kind of depression is that it has direct repercussions on two beings, not just one. Besides Tiffany's mom, Anton was the only other person who knew she was gay and didn't treat her like a disease or an adorable sideshow animal. Her first and only boyfriend had every right to shun her vomiting into their first kiss had kinda killed the magic but once the dust had settled and she'd explained her feelings, somehow Anton still liked her enough to offer her the firm handshake of friendship.

So even if it was coming from the friend zone, she appreciated his arms wrapping around her shoulders and stroking her hair. She really needed a hug now. All the way back into Glenberry from the nature preserve, then across town to campus. Her legs were on fire and her sneakers were chewed up rubber shreds, but that wasn't important now.

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Anton, you're still doing that student co-op program with the city forensics lab, right? Anyway, you still have that little ID lanyard that lets you get into the secure labs and crime scenes, right? Nikki, do you need a doc-" Anton stopped himself. The older boy massaged his temples. I mean, have you been following Twitter? It's some sort of plane crash; there's probably dead bodies everywhere! The government is just a bunch of regular people collecting their nine to five.

Whatever happened on Turtle Bay Beach, it's now the scene of an accident. You want me to lend you police property so that you can forge a government document and enter a restricted crime scene. You want me to be an accessory to identity fraud, evidence tampering —".

Anton gave a withering sigh. She could sense the arcade brawl going down in his mind: This internship meant everything to him. Back when they'd started 'kinda-dating', Anton's eyes had lit up whenever he'd told her about his dreams of working in a police lab, analyzing crime data, and bringing down the bad guys with the power of science. Thanks to her tutoring he'd passed his first term exam for physics and made the grade for acceptance into the winter program. Since then he'd been keeping the lanyard around his neck like a badge of honour.

And now that precious necklace was being fished out from under his shirt and lowered into her hands.

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Nikki's fingers itched to grab the tag. If this is a favour between friends, what's in it for me?

Anton's hands slammed against the wall, pinning her between his well-toned arms. You want me to risk my career, risk doing jail time for you?

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I just wanna hear you say it. So it's come to this. Truthfully, she'd prepared for this request, but it still mortified her to the point she had to stare at her shoes as she whispered, "I'm … I'm gonna give it up to you. Obediently, she fell into step behind the older boy, into the elevator and down the hall to his dorm.

Anton took her wrist and marched her quickly. Residences were not co-ed and it was long past visiting hours.

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Nikki had been in his single-room dorm a few times before and she tried distracting herself by taking in the smartly arranged furniture and gaming posters. The thunk of Anton shutting - and then locking - his bedroom door broke her reverie. The springs groaned under her weight. Anton stood in front of her, tall and imposing. Nikki sighed but she couldn't back down now. As she pulled down her zipper, her mind took refuge in thoughts of a smiling, blue face.

This is for you, Celeste. Nikki shut her eyes, plunged past the open zipper and gave him the goods. First print. Are you happy? Anton squealed as he snatched the video game from her handbag and held it to the light. Nikki massaged her temples.

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I never should've told him about my imported game collection. This is what I get for hanging out with another gamer. But Anton was far too transfixed by the bit glow from his television to reconsider. Here's the tag. Smooth catch, Nikster…. Nikki couldn't help but smile. He's got a full day of work tomorrow and he's still button mashing.

Now there was dedication! A splash of water on the face, a slick of deodorant under the arms, then a breakfast of pop tarts and energy drinks to force the body to endure the daylight hours. Her Anton truly was a full-fledged gamer! So it was with a tinge of regret that she paused at the doorway to admire her friend.

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Anton was good looking, well-spoken and excelled in a variety of hobbies, not just video games. He was a kind-hearted boy who never looked down on anyone because of who they were or what they liked. Not even those dirty weaboos. He was a package of perfection, topped with a rugged but cool bow of dreadlocks and we could have been happy together. Nikki sighed. If she ever needed evidence that the universe hated her and wanted her to suffer, she had only to look at Anton's chromosome count and that dreaded pair marked XY.

Anton noticed her lingering. And heads up: I'm gonna need that tag back this afternoon. My supervisor's taking me out on a field case.